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Tapered Series MX Grips

Tapered Series Grip Tech features a unique tapered diamond structure that taper down from large at the thumb to regular at the end. Mirroring a closed fist and provides the highest levels of grip available. The grips feature the same structure, durability and comfort as Dual Series.


Dual Series MX Grips

Renthal Dual Series combine the durability of our firm compound grips with the feel and absorption of our soft compound.

Maximum durability is achieved by using our firm compound for the inner sections of the grip whilst rider contact areas uses the Aramid compound providing unbeatable comfort and control.


Original Series MX Grips

Renthal Grip Tech : Original series have been used by more motocross and off-road champions throughout the world than any other.

Available in 3 different patterns and 3 different advanced compounds; there is a grip to suit every need.

Each grip offers a different level of strength, tackiness and shock absorption to suit a variety of riding conditions and individual style.

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